Creature of the City is a clothing brand that I owned, operated and conceptualized in high school.
Creature of the City was my baby; my first passion project.
The main reason I still think of it, was because of how much fun I had running it. Everything from coming up with logos to working with suppliers.
This is the final version of the logo after being updated a couple times; if you would like, ask me to see the original next time we talk.
My knowledge behind this icon and word-mark, at the time were none (just like my knowledge on most of the things I was venturing out to do) but I marched forward into print shops, email chains and all over social media (briefly).
After playing around in a free trial of Abode Illustrator, I was able to clean up the icon that I had formerly made in Microsoft Paint and then turn one of my sketchy tags into something that I am unashamedly proud of to this day.
My next accomplishment for this project is the few different attempts made in securing a printer/supplier that in the end, was me!
I was able to accomplish this after buying my own heat press and setting up an arrangement with a printer who agreed to sell clothes to me. 
All of the photos shown above, including many more that are not shown here, were taken by Stephen Armstrong
Finally, one of the most transformative projects, within this project, was The Bottle Guy. The whole idea behind this brand, was highlighting the working people in the city (the people that keep its wheels turning—no matter their position).
I met a man collecting bottles and asked him a bit about what he did and what it was like collecting bottles for a living. After striking up a deal with him for a generous load of empties from my parents (and my friends and I), I set up a photo shoot with a talented photographer (Stephen Armstrong) and we made it happen.
Creature of the City taught me a lot and and I look back on the experience fondly. Sold a bunch of goods and had a lot of fun starting to establish myself.

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