Drew Mosley

Photo manipulation, animation, networking, and collaboration.

A Rebellious Nature is an extremely meticulous depiction of fantastic creatures taking back nature and stirring with life.
Using photoshop and after effects, this painting was dissected and brought to life.
I met Drew Mosley at a skate shop, the day that I started following him on Instagram, shortly before his biggest show of 2017; He invited me to come check out his studio. I was awestruck and still am when I look at that picture, everyone is. 
After our meeting, this project came together very quickly. Conceptualizing and working around our busy schedules. 
Working with another artist to take their project to another level is an amazing feeling, Drew was a great artist to collaborate with. I learned a lot working with Drew. 

Check out Drew Mosley on Instagram

The works are detailed, have plenty of depth, are thought provoking, inspire feeling, and have a sense of movement about them.
The paintings and dioramas are delicate. That same delicate nature is deployed in this short animation of one of the paintings.

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