Ottawa Skateboard Association

Photo manipulation, animation, networking, and collaboration.

The Ottawa Skateboard Association (The OSA) is a charity organization that facilitates programming for activism in skateboarding in Canada's capital.
The OSA is the foundation (literally) for skateboarding, with a main goal of building skateparks, skate-able art, and public space features.
Working with city officials as well as activating volunteers is how this organization runs.
How do you speak to skateboarders, who let's face it, have a predisposition towards being anti-authority due to the roots of the sport, and city council members, who have many procedures to follow, all at the same time?
You use really good design, where it matters most to each individual. You pull queues from their past and present that are so subconscious that neither feel like they are conforming to the other.
The beauty of this is that, in the long run, both parties will be allowed the opportunity to work with each other, learn from each other, and grow together. The world gets a little bit smaller and positive change takes place.
The ask was to build a logo and visual identity with guidelines to go along with it. The ask was also to stay on as Creative Director to manage all visual communication efforts, honoured and happy to do my part for a community that has done so much for me, I accepted both.

All photos on this page were taken by Aaron Cayer

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