I am an intuitive, artistic designer who picks up on feelings, tones and themes. Keyword: artistic. That is what sets me apart from other graphic designers. I am constantly learning and growing.
That being said, I am an “intrapreneur”, someone who cares about the company who they are working for as if it was their own; through and through (a term that I learned in business management and entrepreneurship at Algonquin college).
My life has been a constant learning experience. I have been steadfastly moving forward, carving out my own path in the hopes of getting to a place that I am able to accomplish work that allows me to feel my purpose, while at the same time making a change in the world; a change that is felt.
Everything leading up to this point has been education and foundation. I am confident that my growth and education will continue because I strive for it constantly, over everything.
Branding and user experience are where I excel and my passion shines through my illustration; a great asset to my arsenal.
I bring together programs like Adobe After Effects for animation as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and InDesign for heavier production design work; let's not forget about apps like InVision, Github, Procreate, and Designer. As technology advances, programs big and small are added to this list. I use these tools to bring concepts to life. I am excited for what lies ahead.
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